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Arguile Art Deco

The arguile is a water pipe consisting of three main parts: a glass pitcher, a hose, and firebrands.
Our Price: $63.00

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Fairuz - The Very Best of Vol. 2

Artist(s) : FAIRUZ (فيروز)
Release Date : 11-05-1985
Our Price: $15.00

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Maamoul Cocktail Mixed (5Kgs Offer)

Rounded Lebanese sweets made from semolina paste stuffed with delicious pistachios, walnuts and dates.
Our Price: $89.00

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Chickpeas Yellow (1KG)

Tasty natural yellow chickpeas.
Our Price: $11.00

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Najwa Karam - Am Bemzah Maak

Artist(s) : NAJWA KARAM (نجوى كرم)
Release Date : 17-07-2008
Our Price: $10.00

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Mixed Kernels (1KG)

This delicious combination of mixed Kernels is perfect for nut lover connoisseurs!
Our Price: $32.00

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Sage Tea - Kasaaeen (60 teabags)

Sage is an herb that grows in the Mediterranean.
Our Price: $15.00

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These miniature all-butter cookies quite simply melt on ones tongue.
Our Price: $17.00

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Petits Fours or Little cookies

The name is from the French petit four, meaning "small oven".
Our Price: $21.00

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