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Kaak Light (1Kg)

Crunchy, fresh, not too sweet, appreciated with a cup of coffee or tea or a juice.
Our Price: $12.00

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Mix Super Deluxe (1KG)

A carefully selected mixture of super deluxe nuts!
Our Price: $25.00

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Phoenician Green Plate

Order this nice green plate with Phoenician writings and drawing as a souvenir from Lebanon.
Our Price: $35.00

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Fig Jam With Sesame - Mrabba El Teen bi Semsom

This typical Lebanese jam is made from sun-dried figs and slightly roasted sesame seeds.
Our Price: $7.00

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Assorted Baklawa With Pistachios (1Kg)

A highly delightful collection of delicate, mouth watering Lebanese sweets filled with pistachios
Our Price: $37.00

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Arguile Art Deco

The arguile is a water pipe consisting of three main parts: a glass pitcher, a hose, and firebrands.
Our Price: $63.00

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Nancy Ajram - Bitfakar Fi Eh

Name : BITFAKAR FI EH بتفكر في ايه
Artist(s) : NANCY AJRAM (نانسي عجرم)
Release Date : 07-07-2008
Our Price: $10.00

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Mosaic Backgammon Board (52cm X 52cm)

Handmade Mosaic Backgammon Board the wood mosaic is a beautiful inlaid blend of Lebanese woods.
Our Price: $117.00

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Chickpeas Yellow (1KG)

Tasty natural yellow chickpeas.
Our Price: $11.00

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